History of the Area

Old Chemung - Historic Marker located in Chemung, NY on County Rt. 60, east of the I-86 interchange.

Sullivan Road - The Army could not pass along the river, Sullivan road was built up the side of the hill.

New Chemung - "New Chemung" built by the British and Native Americans to garrison the troops who ravaged nearby New York and, Pennsylvania. (#14 on map)

Peter Landis House - Peter Landis moved his family here from Pennsylvania in1812. He built a log cabin across from this hosue in 1820. He married Jacob Lowman's twin sister, Elizabeth Lowman. (#14 on map)

Riverside Cemetery-Revolutionary War Soldiers Plaque - Revolutionary war soldiers buried here. "Founders of Chemung County" (#13 on map)

Judge McDowell House - Born 2/25/1794 in his father's log cabin in Chemung. Captain, war of 1812. Married Laurinda Lowman. 1830-1831 NYS Assemblyman. State Senator- 1821. Judge, Court of Pleas and State Court of Impeachment. Obtained charter for Chemung Canal Bank and was first president. 1852, Member of Electoral College, electing Franklin Pierce as president. House built 1838. (#12 on map)

Hovey Everitt House - Hovey Everitt MD, born Sharon, CT. 12/25/1800. Yale Medical College 1823. Arrived Lowman, NY summer of 1824. Married Cynthia Lowman 09/27/1825. House built 1827. Died 12/21/61. (#11 on map)


Battle of Chemung - August 13, 1779. "Ambuscade" Native Americans, under Roland Montour, attacked Col. Hubley's regiment of Pennsylvania Germans. 6 soldiers killed. 12 wounded.

George Lowman House - Born 1795. Grew up in father's cabin across from this house. Built Inn in 1833/stage coach stop. Inn burned 1838. House built 1839, on site of the Inn. (#10 on map)


Jacob Lowman House - Father was Ludwig George Lowman, Palatinate German. Ludwig joined Lancaster County Militia during Revolutionary War. Jacob Lowman, born 10/11/1769, came to Chemung in 1792. Moved into Double Cabin in Lowman, 1799. (located across from George Lowman house). Built this house 1819. Farmer, trader, lumberman. (#9 on map)

Lowman Schoolhouse - Built 1898 by Welliver Construction Company, as their first building. (#8 on map)

Rifle Corp - East of Baldwin Creek on Co. Rt. 60 (#7 on map)

Breastworks - West of Baldwin Creek

Newton Battlefield - Stone set by Sons of the American Revolution. (#5 on map)

The Ridge - This southern boundary of defense ran from the south of Rt. 17/86 to across 86 at the Lowman interchange. (#6 on map)

Newtown - Here by Nightfall of August 29, 1779 only smoke and ashes marked the sites of log cabins and storage sheds and trampled corn fields of loyalist "Tory" and Indian settlement sometimes called Butlers Newtown. Faced by nearly one third of all the American Continental Forces here died the hopes and prestige of the Ancient League of HO-DE-NO-SAU-NEE. The fabled Long House Confederacy of the Iroquis Six Nations. (#1 & #2 on map)

Routes of the Armies - Routes of the armies of Gen. John Sullivan and Gen. James Clinton 1779. An expedition against hostile indian nations which checked the agressions of the English and Indians on the frontiers of NY and PA, extending westward the dominion of the United States.